I think the innovation found in the KL2 is going to set a new standard. I love the new design! I'd use Nakhla Lemon with a hint of AF Orange. I would break in the new lotus with a mix of trifecta Indian kheer, lime, durty mint, and Ventura peach. Well to begin great site it’s my go to for hookah stuff...and lov the great deal keep up the good work. Seems like a great new way to adjust heat with more finesse than the original Lotus! are a part of the heat management family. you start putting ice cubes in your water bed. Love kaloud , cant wait to try lotus 2.0. My favorite will always be mango bold. Man this thing looks legit cant wait to try it! I really enjoy ending a great meal with Hookah it’s great end to the evening. If I'm feeling a sweeter session, I mix Tangiers Mandarin Orange and Tangiers Strawberry or Cocoa. Love it . Maybe it’s time to upgrade. I'd love to test drive this baby with some Haze Pumpkin Pleasure mixed with some Trifecta blonde Vanilla. Best way to tell how a new bowl smokes. Regular price €120 View. Long-lasting flavor life Easy to wash and clean Produce huge and dense smoke Nice gap b/w charcoal and flavor Good heat flow b/w charcoal and flavor Premium food-grade silicone chillum Lotus Kaloud 2 reduce ash and unwanted gases from coal Lotus Kaloud 2 holds approx. Pick me! Regular price €150 ... KALOUD LOTUS II STAINLESS NUBIS GREY. I love the new design, it's so ornate! I've been enjoying a mix of Tangiers Kashmir Peach with a bit of Tangiers Strawberry or Blue Flower. It is so hard to judge things by a picture and a two line review (most of which are intended to sell the thing no matter what anyway). the cows are giving evaporated milk. They're good people, trust me. This is awesome! Always a favorite of ours. This does push the bench mark of design , quality & function. The Kaloud Lotuses(s?) Very satisfied. Been trying to up my hookah sessions to the next level and this looks like the way to go. Is that how it works? This looks like a whole new experience, I would be honored to get the chance to win this! So beautiful, love the look of the Lotus 2 compared to the first runs. Wow Kacloud 2 is changing the game by just reading the post i cant wait to get my hands on it ! I love the kaloud lotus, i've been using it for at least 3 years. Yes, you're looking at a new and improved device but this doesn't make the original ineffective. Gen, I dont expect this to disappoint at all. I think I would have to break my new lotus in with a trifecta natural order and haze chiatastic combo. jewelry stainless steel woman colar conjunto 27 imac lcd 21mm bracelet gold ring aum silver original jewelry wedding pendant of red jade jewelry set white. Regular price €120 View. Thanks guys appreciate all the great accessories you guys provide for my hookah, hope I win this lotus ! I hope I’m callowed to win this so I can take my smoking to the next level! They achieved just that and maybe a bit more. Hookah Bars Outsourcing Service in Miami, Hookah for … I can't wait to get this new one. In my experience with this device (16 sessions before typing this blog and a generous amount of R&D), I prefer to rotate the lid using the key in the flat triangles surrounding the edge of this outer rim. I would break in my Lotus with watermelon mint. def going to try one of these to boost up my vanilla orange combo -thanks for smoking! $57.09 shipping. you actually burn your hand opening the car door. I would definitely smoke my fall favorite, which is a third Tangier’s pumpkin, third Al Fakher Apple and a third Al Fakher Cinnamon. I can taste it now. I love my Kaloud Lotus! So if you guys could make that video, it’d be really appreciated to see what you guys do different and maybe adjust it in my sessions. Shop hookah shisha pipes & hookah accessories all in one place. I usually will smoke pretty much any black leaf tobacco (trifecta, zomo, etc.) That was a good read, Shaun! Tangiers Static Starlight is a go to for me. Awesome article! It is definitely a game changer! I've tried the lotus before and enjoyed it. Regular price €79 View. So refresh then and scroll to the bottom and see if you have a reply, there's also a feature to notified about replies to your comments. You're hopefully about ready for some information on the latest creation from the Kaloud team. Here goes a comment! The Kaloud Lotus I+ ® also works to significantly reduce the ash, ultra-fine particles, and volatile gasses that pass from charcoal into Shisha. I the othe lotus options so excited to try the new one! I've been using the original lotus and the original samari vitria bowl but this is next level awesome! But this looks like it has some awesome upgrades, can't wait to check it out! We provide shisha for sale and ship to all of our Canadian & International consumers. Personally I really liked the video you guy used for the Plus, comparing and contrasting the older models. The Kaloud Lotus I+ ® is the natural evolution of the Kaloud Lotus ® a Heat Management Device that was designed and engineered to regulate the transfer of heat from charcoal to Shisha. . Please cost Someone who really wants this KL2. you've experienced condensation on your butt from the hot water in the toilet bowl. This looks on new level I love the lotus plus but this is amazing. The new Lotus is Fuego/ Fire! I would love to win one as i'm tired of tasting charcoal lol, and my heat not lasting long just as it's getting good. Would love to win but will be buying it either way! ✌. I'd drop some Bold SB White Peach in there for sure!! I would love to have this as the one I have is the original lotus and it has seen better days. You can pack so much heat with Haze and it’ll be fun trying to test it out with that flavor. I would break it in with strawberry and vanilla. I can't wait to try out this awesome Kaloud Lotus!!! Niceeeeeee! Check out this new posting for all the juicy details. I’ve used a Lotus for almost 4 years now, and have smoked hookah daily for almost 7 years. Best smoke ever. ROR raspberry lemonade mixed with pineapple for the first bowl. So excited to use this new Kaloud product! I've had the Lotus 1, and I supposed it's the 1.5, so this updated model is an exciting piece of work to be tested. That combo never lets me down. I'd mix Haze what-a-mint and sinful mint for something sweet, minty, and spicy on a cold day. Love it! Would love to see what this one can do. Thanks for the blog and really demo-ing this out for us hookah fans.
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