Praktický a velmi prostorný batoh. © 2020 Deuter Sport GmbH – All rights reserved. Deuter backpacks in general and most of the models here are made for outdoor sports and activities, hiking, snowboarding, backpacking trips, trekking, camping and so on. Batoh Deuter Giga je jedním z nejoblíbenějších batohů na notebook vůbec. Sie sind die idealen Begleiter für urbane Pendler, die viel Wert auf eine zeitgemäße, intelligente Organisation legen. Deuter Gigant SL dobře poslouží všem, kteří mají větší notebook nebo potřebují celkově více místa a přitom jsou subtilnější postavy. Urban commuters that want to be well-organised in their everyday lives rely on the practical organisation system of the Giga vs. Deuter Gigant EL Backpack . Urban commuters that want to be well organised in their everyday life are excellently supported with the practical organisation system of the Giga series. To ensure the water and dirt repellent properties, we use a Durable Water Repellency (DWR) coating that is safe for health and environmentally friendly and completely PFC-free. Airstripes padding with ventilation channels guarantees the free circulation of air over more than 80% of the back thanks to the small contact area, but at the same time the backpack sits secure and compact on the back during all movements. by Deuter. The Giga daypack is the king of everyday backpacks and has been a favorite for over a decade. can be found at Deuter dot com or in our own shop. IMPACT_RAD. Jak už název napovídá – GIGANT, vejde se vám do něj vše potřebné pro meetingy, schůzky i denní užívání. Comparison of Deuter Giga vs Deuter Gigant Hiking Backpacks. The Deuter Giga Bike is a highly-stable pack when riding a commuter bike and carrying a laptop. $110.00. Some models are, however, versatile and can serve other functions, like the kid’s backpacks and the Giga Bike Backpack. The “Deuter Super Polytex BS” version is produced in compliance with the stringent bluesign[R] standard. Deuter Urban daypack Giga SL. vs. Deuter Futura Vario 50+10 Hiking Backpack . Auch als SL-Version passend für kürzere Rücken erhältlich! Introducing the Deuter Giga SL ! Ob Uni, Arbeit oder Freizeit - die neue Giga-Serie sorgt für intelligente Organisation und wartet dazu mit gleich drei Highlights auf: Sie besticht mit ihrem mondänen, zeitgemäßen Design, das beim täglichen Weg durch die Stadt eine gute Figur macht und höchsten Tragekomfort bietet. Currently, the company’s headquarters are in beautiful Cortez, Colorado, although the majority of the packs are produced in Vietnam. Whenever it’s about keeping the weight of the backpack as low as possible with moderate stress, then this is the ideal solution. Ripstop are fabrics that are woven using a specific technique and are particularly tear-resistant. Zum ersten Mal gibt es jedes Modell auch als SL-Variante, was den Mädels eine optimale Passform ermöglicht. This model is also available in the SL version. Specifikace Deuter Gigant Black 32l. With spacious compartments for your laptop, folders, and all your other essentials for school, work, or a romp through the city, this pack runs circles around the others. This keeps the material dry and nature clean. No problem: the registration only takes a short moment. Next. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. $76.49-$110.00. The description of this item has been automatically translated. Deuter Giga Bike Backpack. The revised Airstripes back system provides the necessary ventilation for the back. Perfekt für das tägliche Radeln ins Büro, in die Uni oder durch die Innenstadt. Starting out in 1987, Osprey has been supplying backpackers all over the world with quality packs ever since. * PES stands for polyester. eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible. 4.6 … Nach etwas Recherche habe ich mich für den Giga Pro entschieden, Hauptgrund war das herausnehmbare Fach für das Notebook, was für kurze Strecken auch mal als Transporttasche verwendbar ist.
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