The advert doesn’t serve much purpose besides showing you a number of people looking very happy with their winnings. The top-tier prize is a PS5 console, and Burger King is giving away 1,000 of them. I went to Burger King On the morning on November 11th. The teaser didn’t amount to much – merely the King looking into a Burger King food bag that would glow blue and make the PS5 startup chime whenever it … Burger King has been in charge of showing for the first time the official PS5 box that we will see in stores starting this November. The Burger King x PS5 Collaboration. Burger King is Giving You a Shot to Win a PS5 Console with Select Purchases Starting this Week Read More. I went to Burger King On the morning on November 11th. The Burger King website explains that the promotion began on October 15th at 9 am and will continue until 11:59:59 pm ET on November 22nd, 2020.Prizes include 1,000 Sony PlayStation 5 consoles for the primary winners, with thousands of secondary winners receiving game codes for Demon Souls, SnackBoy: A Big Adventure, or a three-month subscription to PlayStation Now, the company's … In a new PlayStation blog post, Sony has elaborated on the upcoming PS4/PS5 compatibility features. As revealed in … Redeemed it immediately and about about 10 minutes got the “receipt needs to be validated email. With the reveal of the PS5 UI, Sony also tag-teamed with Burger King to show off the retail box for the next generation of PlayStation. To participate in the BK Canada X Sony PS5 Contest. Via Game Informer, a new TV spot was revealed that showed a promotion between Sony and Burger King for customers to potentially win a PS5. To coincide with Sony’s reveal of the (super generic but also inoffensive) PS5 UI, the company teamed up with Burger King to get the box out into the public eye. Burger King and Sony are teaming up ahead of the release of the PlayStation 5. … This partnership was surprising when it was announced, like Microsoft, Burger King is an American company. Sony and the always fun Burger King have teamed up to hand out 1,000 PS5 consoles to those lucky … The PS5 is due out in just a few weeks time and Sony has started a number of marketing campaigns to help promote the console in the run-up to its release in November. Wouldn’t you know it but the box for the PS5 looks exactly like you’d expect. The fine print states the value of the console is $500 USD, so this is the standard disc version. Participants will have to register on the Burger King app or on to partake in the sweepstakes. Original story: Burger King and Sony are teaming up to give away PS5 consoles to 1,000 … As part of an exclusive collaboration, Sony has tied up with Burger King for a PS5 giveaway contest. From Oct. 15 to Nov. 22, anyone who purchases a two for $5 meal at any Burger King in the United States will be entered for a chance to win a PlayStation 5. We had our first look at the retail look for the Xbox Series X earlier this year, now it's PlayStation 5's turn in the spotlight. Burger King has released its first advert for its Burger King PS5 sweepstakes, which shows a bunch of people winning a PS5 console. Got my receipt and immediately typed the info into the app. JaseC64. A cross-promotion between Burger King and Sony to celebrate the launch of the PlayStation 5 has shown off for the first time what the physical box for the next-gen console looks like. According to the video, something else is coming on October 15. The Burger King PS5 sweepstakes details have gone live early. Original story: Burger King and Sony are teaming up to give away PS5 consoles to 1,000 … You want to know why the PS5 … As the Burger King takes the bag, presumably containing the PS5 and leaves, we see a date arrive on-screen. Burger King teases that something special currently in the works that almost certainly has something to do with the PS5. PlayStation 5 pre-orders may be sold out just about everywhere but not all hope is lost. That is right, get a great value meal and a chance to win. Purchase one or more medium or large regular priced Whopper meals in a single transaction from a participating Burger King restaurant in Canada and take a photo of your purchase receipt. A special cross-promotion between Burger King and Sony might put free PS5s in the hands of a few lucky burger eaters.
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